Monday, November 12, 2012

We Meet Again (What I've been up to, my current obsessions and whatnot).

I haven't posted anything since May this year, which is kind of sad, seeing as how avid a blogger I used to be. It's not that I've grown out of stardoll (of course not), but more of the fact oh how limited my internet access is.
Right now I'm on my iPad, which is an alright device to use for typing blogs, but it's hard to take photos and upload them (because most of the time they cannot be uploaded whatsoever), and there's no flash player on them, which means I can't access most parts of stardoll.

When I do have flash player, it's either on the laptop at my dads house, which I can't upload any pictures on because it's not my laptop, or when I'm at my mums boyfriends house, and I can use his computer, and that's exactly the same as the laptop at my dads house. I can't upload anything because it isn't mine to do so.

Basically, this is my problem..

Anyway, I miss blogging so much. It used to be very irritatin back when I used to do it - having to keep the blog updated daily, writing the actual thing, finding pictures, links, interviews - those sort of things - but it used to be fun.

Not much has changed on stardoll. Everything's changed on stardoll.

Most of my friends on stardoll aren't on there anymore. Lel, Liz, all the others aswell (especially GoldenCassilda - who used to be one of my true stardoll friends and yet I haven't heard from her in over six months)

Stardoll is lonely now. Other than my discussions in the Stardoll Royalty club, I don't really talk to people all too much. Too take up that space, I've been trying to fill it with designing. I'm actually getting rather good (if you would like to take a look of them, you can check them out here).

I've also been getting fan-girly over some things. I love to watch the Vampire Diaries now - and I love the books. I'm in love with the book Warm Bodies by Isaac Mariom, a book about zombies strangely enough.

Most likely it's probably just because of how hot that certain zombie is..

Well, I should probably sum up this post, because it's kind of getting off topic..
I hope I can start blogging about stardoll again, because I really miss it and I really miss you guys :(

xx. Rosie (Rose_Jean)

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