Thursday, September 30, 2010


These are todays spoilers:
(thanks to

The Dove ones are freebies, they're not out yet, but i'll tell you when they are.
The green Mario land might be for the new store Gamezone...

xoxo Rose_Jean

We're on Facebook!

Yes thats right, we are now on Facebook!

Click here to go to the official Facebook page.

xoxo Rose_Jean

Free dress of your choice

Yes that title does sound good, but you can only choose one (sometimes you might be lucky enough to get all 4, but thats very unlikely, so choose the one you like best first).

I'm sorry that I keep using old freebies today, but there is only one thing for free today, and that is the Camp Rock piano that everyone on Stardoll already has 5 of, so it's quite boring.


For the black dress: click here

For the pink dress: click here

For the red dress: click here

For the green dress: click here

Hope you like your dress!

xoxo Rose_Jean

Free "I love France" shirt

Ok so this has been around since like June/July, but some people still don't have it...

simply click here, and you will have it.

(Buy with 0sd from Starplaza first).

xoxo Rose_Jean

Stardoll celebrations

So, some of you may not have been playing Stardoll back in 2006, 2007, 2008 etc etc, so i've decided to do a little segment on what happened every time Stardoll reached 10 million more members.

(this was the only image I could find...)







So if you can't wait to see what happens when we get to 80 million, make an extra account today. You don't have to use it, but we'll be one step close to the big 80...

xoxo Rose_Jean

Hidden store- Beauty and the Beast

The yellow dress is 14sd, the blue dress is 10sd, and the shoes (not shown) are 4sd. They are all for non-superstars.

To get them all in your dressing room, click here.

xoxo Rose_Jean

New Doll: Karen Gillan

There was a new doll released today. As usual, Superstars get to use it first.

Karen Gillan is an actress who is most known for her role in Dr.Who, as the doctors assistant Amy Pond.

Here are some facts:

Full Name: Karen Shaila Gillan
Age: 22 years old

(sorry, at this time, there is no picture of the doll available. We will try and find a picture as soon as possible.)

Do you think this is cool?

Do you like Dr.Who?

xoxo Rose_Jean

P.S I only know a lot about Dr.Who because my best friend is obsessed with Dr.Who and she also wanted me to shout out that the two hottest doctors are David Tennant and Matt Smith.

I can't believe I just wrote that. How embarrasing :D
Nationality: Scottish

New Store: Gamezone

There was some spoilers a couple of days ago, and the items were released yesterday, but we finally have Gamzone.

What do you think of the store?

Will you be buying anything?

xoxo Rose_Jean

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Changing the header..

Because nobody's talking about Miss Stardoll World hardly, i've changed my header to the MSW icon. It'll be like that until Miss Stardoll World is crowned, then will change to something else, maybe something to do with christmas...

Front Row Milan

Just to let you know, the next front row store will be Paris, which i'm looking forward to seeing :)

So this morning (well it was available yesterday...more on that later...) the Front Row Milan store opened.

(click to enlarge)

Before you buy anything though, I want to tell you something...


Take for example, the long grey high heeled boots for 12sd. They were 6sd yesterday...

So go ahead and let Stardoll rip you off...

Free Stardollars (not a freebie!)

So I logged on this morning and looked in my messages...

When I first started playing, you used to get 50% for free. Oh well...

Free Audrey skirt

Another competition for Poland members...

You get this lovely skirt which made for the Audrey Tautou doll.

Go to any Poland proxy (for the one I used, click here).

Type in in the proxy URL box.

Log into Stardoll, the put the following into the proxy URL.

Wait until the page loads. Close the proxy, go back to Stardoll as normal, and you will have a gift box in front of your closet. Open it and enjoy!  

NOTE: Look at you medoll editor for a surprise...

Two free Simple dresses (or maybe three and some bottles...

For people who live in the UK, click here.

If you don't live in the UK, follow these steps.

Go to any UK proxy (for the one I used, click here).

Log into Stardoll as normal, then put the following into the proxy URL box.

Click go OR just hit enter.

Wait until the page loads...



Now there is another simple dress you can get. But stay on that page!

Log into Stardoll as normal. Go to my account.

Then go to settings

In settings will be your UsedID. Write it on a piece of paper or something.

The write the following link into your URL bar (no proxy) ID HERE)

Wait until the page loads. scroll down down until you see some boxes, fill in your info (make it fake, and just put a spare email in the email box).

It will redirect you to the Simple teen page. Close it, go back to Stardoll as normal and you will have two bags from Simple (or one where both dresses are inside).

NOTE: If you havn't done anything with simple before, you will also recieve the pink princess dress and some simple bottle.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Comp One

This is the first ever official RoseJeanStardollBlog competition ever! And YOU could win!

It's simple, just make the best scenery to do with the blog using the new Mortal Kiss scenery.

NOTICE: You must be a follower of the blog AND a member of the official club, to enter.

The best will win the following:

-Manager of the official club
-a gift on Stardoll


-Co-writer for the official blog (you will not write the posts out, you will just send me the instructions, or writing in a stardoll message)

Remember the Optional prize does not have to be accepted.

Please comment in my guestbook, the name of your scenery, and I will check it out as soon as possible.

Contest ends 20th October

xoxo Rose_Jean

Free Dress/Shirt-The Last Saturdays Contest

Today the last ever the Saturdays contest has started. Yes it's been 5 weeks of pure Saturdays Fever (well not really fever, they're quite boring but everyone likes presents...)

If you do the contest you will recieve a free dress/shirt which has been claimed to be the best saturdays gift out of them all.

Just click here to go to the contest page.

Fill it in (Just put anything in the boxes).

xoxo Rose_Jean

Sanrio 50th Birthday!

As you may know, this is the year that Sanrio (the company that makes Hello Kitty), turns 50. 

For the celebrations, Stardoll has released a store dedicated to Hello Kitty. The store can not actually be seen yet, but you can get them all in your dressing room by clicking here (be already logged into Stardoll to see them all).

(Click to enlarge)

All are for non-superstars except for the jumpsuit thing and the nightgown. They are all at a reasonable price (4sd-6sd) and can be easily bought with your play and earn.

xoxo Rose_Jean

P.S If you visit my suite, you will see that I am wearing  the white hello kitty shirt which is in the upper-right of the store.

Sale Items

Ok so I have already showed you the sale items for Kohls, but here is everything that is on sale.

(Click to enlarge)

 All credit goes to Stardolls Most Wanted for the photos.

xoxo Rose_Jean

Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Halloween Decorations

Ok well I was like the second blog to find out how to get these (I found out how to get them last Tuesday), but because I was grounded and stuff like that, I couldn't publish it to my blog. So yeah now you probably all think i'm lying (which i'm not) but I don't care i'll tell you how to get them anyway.

These are a giveaway for a contest in Poland. If you don't live in Poland and want these decorations, follow the instructions.

Go to a Poland proxy (You can use a safe one here).

Log into Stardoll. The put the following link into the proxy URL

Wait until the page loads, then put the following into the proxy URL

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey going to miss ya'll

So as you know, my strike is starting tomorrow, and today i'm not on my computer so I can't save any photos to make a good enough post, so i'll see ya'll Wednesday maybe? Or I might check out my blog tomorrow and post some more but... I don't know...

xoxo Rose_Jean

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Anybody Covergirl

I was just reading a post on the blog TylersTopTrends (click here to check it out), and noticed something very amusing...  

   Anybody Covergirl              

(click to enlarge, though i'm not really sure anybody would want to enlarge this...)

It made me laugh so much, but it has a point. Nowdays, anybody can be Covergirl, on one condition. It's not about the best suite, the nicest person etc etc. It's about the money. Now days, you only ever see a Covergirl who has tons of clothes, stardollars etc etc and is promising to give them away...

I don't think there is anything we can do to change tis, but instead of going to a superstars suite to make you play & earn money, go to one of your friends, or a non-superstars suite...

I certainly won't vote for superstars anymore...

xoxo Rose_Jean

P.S While we're at it, some of you may remember this...

Just keeps on getting fairer and fairer... :(


Todays Spoilers

These are todays spoilers.
(Click to enlarge)

All credit goes to

I am in LOVE with the red dress and think that the tights and brown bag would make a perfect outfit, but they're obviously going to be for superstars only.

Do you like any of them?

Will you buy any?

xoxo Rose_Jean

Kohls on Sale (SS only)

As of this morning, the monthly sale began. And it seems to be the most popular sale this year! 

Candies is on 50% off!

Abbey Dawn is 50% off!

Mudd is 50% off! 

Hang Ten is 50% off!

Though some people have begun to think that Candies, Abbay Dawn, and Mudd may be leaving (Not many think Hang Ten will be leaving as it has only been in Starplaza for about 3-4 months).

Also Splash Swimwear is on sale!
(It's still pretty expensive...)

Do you think this is the best sale of this year?

Will you be buying anything from the sale?

xoxo Rose_Jean