Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Oh no.


Please no.

xx. Rosie

Winner of the Nailed It! Competition

Only one person entered :/

Even if more people entered, I would have chosen this entry. I just love it ^-^

The winner is...

You have 3 days to contact me for your prize. If you would like an interview, add me and send me a message about it. 

More posts are coming!

xx. Rosie

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SALE: How much would you pay?

Before we start, this is a rant, therefore it will be longer then most posts. I am NOT having a sale right now, so please don't ask me anything like that.

"For Sale; Cheap DKNY, Hotbuys, LE & More!!!"

The members of Stardoll hear the above on a daily basis. Whether someone writes it in your guestbook, or you see it on a broadcast. You'll likely think 'oh great, a sale, and cheap DKNY, Hotbuys & LE!', they click on that persons username, and go to their starbazaar. As the page loads, they think of how good it would be to have something valueable, and not have to pay a truckload of stardollars for it. But then the page loads, and they see for themselves that it's just not going to ever happen. Because the person they have visited is a normal member of Stardoll, who like most members, really does not grasp what cheap means.


One of the things most people rip off are Hotbuys. 

Hotbuys have nothing special about them, except for the tiny little "hotbuy" written on the label.

They are average clothes, which should be sold for average prices.

Here is two pictures I took before. 

The first is from someone's starbazaar. The second is from the actual starbazaar.

 Now, any person would choose the first one, as it's cheaper, and you can keep your stardollars for yourself to buy other things (hopefully for a decent price). 

What do you think the value of this dress is? 

The value is what the original price was. The value will always be what the original price was. Because when this dress was released, that was the value then, and nothing can change it, because nothing has changed the dress. Even if it became a rare, the value wouldn't change. Because by being a "rare" or a "valuable", is only something of which people choose to think.

Do you know the 'scuba' dress originally from DKNY? The one that everyone on stardoll really wishes that they had? 

Well, why is that valuable? Was it valuable to begin with?

The answer is no.

Oh, and also, there is another replica of the scuba dress. If this was made on Stardoll, what do you think would be more valuable? The pink or the Purple one?

xx. Rosie

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Small Updates.

Just some little things I need to ask.

If you have this, I would like to buy it. It's originally from Folk. Contact me if you have it.

This is a Heidi Klum RC (real celeb) bag. Do you think this bag is rare/valuable? Just want to see what my readers think a rare counts as (for a later post).

666th post, now this? Lolz

xx. Rosie

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Free Przewalski Horse

Hey everyone :)

Stardoll has released a new endangered species animal. I'm not sure which month it's for, so lets just call it the May endangered species animal.

Click here to get it. Make sure to click the adopt button.

xx. Rosie

P.S the last post was the 666th post. Lol :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh thanks Lel :D

I was just reading one of my friends blogs, (which is the third most visited website on my computer, beating my facebook account and email, both of which I check daily), and she has updated a "my views" post, and she had featured one of my comments! 

(clicking should enlarge)

*Lol, never thought about that Liz*

If you're wondering about what the comment was, here's a picture of it...

Honestly, her medoll = crap, my medoll = awesome.

Haha, thats just my opinion (but I think it's right).

Has anything like this ever happened to you? And what did you say?
Comment below :)

xx. Rosie

Saturday, April 30, 2011

PIP now known as Pretty'n'Love

Stardoll has changed the name of Pretty in Pink to Pretty'n'Love. 
To read the starblog post about this, click here.
To visit the Pretty'n'Love store, click here.

What name did you like best? Tell me in comments :)

xx. Rosie

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter :)

Just want to wish everyone a happy easter! 
Too bad for me, i'm sick and have to stay home :/

Oh well, there's always next year!

xx. Rosie

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today's Free Items (21.4.2011)

It's Rosie with today's posts. Just a reminder if you havn't already noticed, but we're holding a competition that could win you some superstar gifts. Click here to check it out and hopefully enter.

Anyway, here's the free stuff for today.


Not sure, but it should be available to everyone. Simply click here and it should be in a starplaza bag back in your suite.


If you're already connected to Facebook, you might already have it in your suite. If not, click here. Wait until the page loads fully. It should be back in your suite.


If you're from Germany:
1.)Make sure you are logged into Stardoll. 
2.)Go to the Mister Lady campaign page by clicking here
3.)Wait until the page loads, then the dress and poster should be in a starplaza bag in your suite.

If you're not from Germany:
1.)Go to any german proxy like OR OR
2.)Go to with the proxy, and log in
3.)Copy and paste the campaign page link below into the proxy's URL box;
4.) Close the proxy. Dress and poster should be in a starplaza bag in your suite.


 1.)Make sure you are logged into Stardoll and click here.
2.)Candle should be in a starplaza bag in your suite.

1.)Make sure you are logged into Stardoll and click here.
2.)Candle should be in a starplaza bag in your suite.

1.)Click here. It should be in your suite.


xx. Rosie

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Designer: reem_alzain

For our new section of the blog, i'll be writing about some of the designers on Stardoll. 

Today's designer is reem_alzain, click here to visit her. She is a really good designer, and her prices go from 5-10sd. They come in multiple designs, and can basically be worn with everything.

My favourite pieces are the flower bag and the tights. 

So do you like the designs?
I'm going to buy a pair of the tights as soon as they're available :)

xx. Rosie

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nailed It! Competition

Well guess what? This is the 655th post. Ok, it's not that much of a celebration, but I think thats pretty huge (well yeah, of course it's huge). So in celebration, I have decided to hold a little contest.

Make the best nails you can, print screen it, and either:

~send it to
~upload it to (or any other site like that) and comment your username and the link below.

The winner gets 6sd worth of gifts and an interview. The two runner ups get 5sd worth of gifts.

Contest finishes on the 10th May 2011

If you send an entry, make sure to say so below :3

xx. Rosie

P.S will edit this post later so make sure to come back and check it!

Icing on the Cake Styled Outfits.

I love the new range of Styled Outfits Stardoll has bought out. They're like, slogan shirts, but not slogan shirts. THEY LOOK GOOD. I give the whole range four stars out of a possible five, because I don't really think the dresses are worth 20sd...

What do you think?
Whats your favourite piece?

xx. Rosie

LE Spoilers.

Stardoll have released the next season of Limited Edition in spoilers. I give this collection 3 and a half stars out of a possible 5, as it's not that bad, but for LE, it's bad.

The collection should be released at the start of April.

Do you like this collection?
What is your favourite piece?

xx. Rosie

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pick of the Week.

Just remembered, I havn't done the pick of the week for like the last month. It's going to be posted every Monday from now on. Anyway, here is this weeks pick of the week...

It's the White Feather Pirouette Dress, which is 15sd and is from Pretty in Pink. Here's an example of an outfit that can be made from it.

Superstar Items:
-White Feather Pirouette Dress, 15sd, from Pretty in Pink
-Dark Brown Hair Colour, 6sd from Doree
-Knee Stockings, 5sd from Bisou

Non-Superstar Items:
-Beige Fur Stole, 7sd from Perfect Day
-White Satin Belt, 8sd from Perfect Day
-Cream Stillettos, 9sd from Perfect Day


Do you like it? Remember, if you have something you think should be the pick of the week, comment below. If I chose your suggestion, you'll get a superstar gift!

xx. Rosie

NEW STORE: Perfect Day

Stardoll released a new shop today. I don't like it at all. It's too, wedding-ish. The prices range from 5sd to 48sd and it also includes some rather overpriced interior items, including a carriage for 48sd. I give the shop a 1 and a half stars out of 5, due to the fact that the prices are ridiculous and that some of the pieces are just plain boring. I do like the second floor though. It has some pretty decent pieces in it. Here's what the shop looks like.

Sorry, the picture of the 4th floor wouldn't upload for some reason...

I made one of the most girl-iest outfits ever. Hope you like it!

Haha. I'm so going to wear that at my wedding :D

xx. Rosie

Decent Pick of the Day...

Logged into Stardoll, and oh my gosh, i'm amazed... THEY HAVE A DECENT PICK OF THE DAY!! (Oh, my, gosh :O)

It's the Fudge Fluro Flash Choker, click here to get it in your Starplaza dressing room. It's 4sd, non-superstar, and can obviuosly be found in the Fudge store... Oh and btw Stardoll, it's "fluro", not "fluoro". Geez...

Do you like it? Please comment, it's getting lonely... Oh, and btw, we reached 35 followers today... Is it just me or am I using 'btw' a lot today?

xx. Rosie

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sorry for not Posting.

Just wanted to explain why I have not been posting lately. Well, as it's the last week of holidays, teachers at my school like to bombard us with tons of homework and tests. I had a pretty packed week. Here's what happened...

Monday: Got up. Sick. Caught the bus to school. Double Maths class. English teacher gave us about 5 different assignments to do over the holidays. She also told us that the speech we were meant to present on Friday was now due on Wednesday. Caught bus home. Posted a bit on blog. Wrote a bit more of english presentation. Went to sleep.

Tuesday: Got up. Even sicker then yesterday. Caught the bus to school. Science teacher set us another project. Discovered that I forgot to pack my lunch. Went hungry for the rest of the day. Caught bus home. Slept.

Wednesday: Got up late. Forgot to have breakfast. Ran after the bus. Got to school late. Did english presentation and only got 15 marks out of a possible 20. Caught bus home. Slept.

Thursday: Got up. Caught the bus to school. Double Maths again. Lost my wallet. Had to do a 2km walk with my best friend because we didn't want to try out for the touch football team. Found wallet. Dropped plant I had to grow for science project. Found my wallet. Caught bus home. Slept.

Friday: Woke up. Still sick. Nearly missed bus again. Handed in history project. Luckily we had an extended lunch. Caught bus home. Cleaned out school bag. Worried about whether I would be able to complete all the homework we had been given...

So, do you blame me for not posting much?

xx. Rosie

Monday, April 4, 2011

Justin Bieber's Taking Over Stardoll.

Nuff said.

xx. Rosie

Old 'Mortal Kiss' & 'KOHLS' Items in Starplaza

I found some old items in Starplaza, that should have left by now. There are way more then the pictures that I have included, but it would be a really long post if I included them all. To find these items, go search>white in Starplaza search. They are all non-superstar.

Also, the KOHLS shirt above is an old Hotbuy. It doesn't say Hotbuy on the label, but it obviously is.

xx. Rosie

Saturday, April 2, 2011

March/April Endangered Species: Horned Puffin

This months endangered species animal is the Horned Puffin, an beautiful sea bird which can be found on the coasts of Siberia, Alaska and British Columbia. They live in rock cavities and they mainly eat fish, but can also eat squid and crustaceans.


How cute? :)
I named mine Stan, he's adorable!

xx. Rosie

Friday, April 1, 2011


For those of you who read the Stardoll Handbook (it's a blog I write for), then you will know that I post about how to make an outfit. I thought I would post some of the outfits I make on my own blog too. Anyway, the idea is, you (the readers & followers) choose one item you want me to make an outfit with. That item must be in Starplaza. The item I am making an outfit now is the Glided Movement Top which is 28sd and from the PPQ store.

Here are some outfits I made with it earlier...

Do you like them?

xx. Rosie