Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Sharpay Clothes, Accessories, TV, Poster & Lipstick.

Too. Much. Pink.

If you're from the US or Canada, you will get everything except for the lipstick when you log into Stardoll. For the lipstick, click here, and wait until the page loads.

If you're not from the US or Canada
1.) Go to any American proxy, like OR OR OR
2.) Go to with the proxy, then log in.
3.) Go to the following page with the proxy,
4.) Once the page loads, close the proxy. They will be in sharpay gift boxes in your suite.

xx. Rosie

Interview with... CuteSamsam12

Another interview! I love interviews, but everyone I ask either says their too busy, or just doesn't bother replying (how annoying?). Anyway, here's the interview.

Username: CuteSamsam12 (real name is Samantha)
On Stardoll Since: November 2010

Whats your favourite part of Stardoll?
My favourite part of Stardoll is Starplaza, because it gives me great ideas of what to wear in real life and some designing tips. I especially enjoy the Stardesign. All I can say is... WHAT A GREAT IDEA STARDOLL! The girls and boys of Stardoll can design whatever animated clothes.

What is the one thing you would change about Stardoll?
Safe trading... because people would LOVE to trade for great rare items you don't rarely find, but most of the people on Stardoll get scammed, and then the scammer can just close their guestbook so they can have peace, and nobody saying "SCAMMER!" and that sort of stuff.

Describe your medoll in 3 words:
Glamourous and adorable!

If you could only have 3 things from your Stardoll wardrobe ever, what would they be?
My Philosophy beaded shorts, my Fallen Angel tube top, and my Stardoll cropped beige jacket.

I am so delighted to have my first ever interview! Please vote me NCG or CG. I have never been won before. If anyone else wants to interview me, feel free. Special thanks to Rose_Jean. I know it took a long time to make this whole interview, and I just want to say thank you for your support and the others who read this interview.


From, CuteSamsam12. Click here, here or here to visit her, and make sure to vote her 5 stars!


Just want to say a massive thank-you to CuteSamsam12 for accepting the interview. I've got two more interviews coming very soon, one from a certain friend of mine who I know some of you may know from her successful blog and the fact that she writes for Stardoll's Most Wanted...

xx. Rosie

Oldest(?) Accounts.

Here are some really old account I found whilst searching through Stardoll members. Strange that they both created their account on the same day isn't it... Anyway, if you want to visit them, click their photo.



xx. Rosie

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stardoll Epic Fails.

Very boring day on Stardoll. Seriously, they've only added one thing in Starplaza! Because I seem to think today on Stardoll is an epic fail, I thought i'd bring you a post dedicate to, guess what... EPIC FAILS :)

Um, is it a dress, or what...

I know there are some mothers who play Stardoll, but maybe this ad would have been best on another site...

I'm not being some gross-o on this, thats not what I mean. But has Stardoll ever heard of better grammar?

I think you get the idea.

Now, what one would you choose?

Yep, Epic Fails.

xx. Rosie

Old Outfits.

Here are some old outfits I forgot to post. Hope you like them!


Hotbuys Vest, 12sd from Rio
Pleated Lace Up Dress, 11sd, from Pretty in Pink
Dotted Knee Socks, 5sd from Evil Panda
Candie's Alona Dress Shoes, 6sd from Kohls (search black & shoes)


Sunglasses, 3sd (no shop)
White Snow Coat, 17sd from Tingeling
Hot Buys Red Dress, 12sd from Fudge
Ring Buckle Belt, 2sd (sale item, normally 2sd) from Bisou
Golden Heels, 6sd from Rio


Inky Drip Drop Glasses, 6sd from Sunny Bunny
Fringed MS Printed Dress, 20sd from Miss Sixty
Dark Princess Bow, 6sd from Sunny Bunny (used as belt)
Flat Toe Boots, 5sd from Bisou

xx. Rosie

Free Trophy (No Proxy).

Stardoll has made a contest in celebration of "100 Million Members". With this contest, you too can expand your Stardoll knowledge with interesting facts like "how do I become Royalty???" or "Why can't I create a party if i'm non-superstar??" I think I got all of them "right".

Sarcasm -_-

Anyhoo, I think the contest is for all countries. Click here to go to the page and enter the contest (if you're too lazy and just want the trophy now, click here). If you have experienced Stardoll knowledge, then you may just win (or if you've just bought royalty membership sound more correct).

xx. Rosie

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Doll: Yasmin Abdul Aziz

This was released less then 20 minutes ago. Give me a hi-5 for being so quick ;D

Yasmine Abdul Aziz

Yasmine Abdul Aziz (born 10 June 1980) is an Egyptian actress.
Aziz started in commercials at the age of 15 because of one of her mother's friends who owns a company of commercials. After a while she started to act in cinema and television with a series named A Woman From The Love Time that was a huge success all around the Middle-East. After this success she made another mini-series called Kids Are Going Crazy.
Credit to for the information.


So do you like her? I've never heard of her before :/

xx. Rosie

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free "Mortal Kiss" Shirt, Lamp & Necklace

For the Shirt & Lamp:

If you're from the USA:
1.) Make sure you're logged in to Stardoll, then click here for the shirt, and here for the lamp.

If you're not from the USA:
1.) Go to any US proxy, like OR
2.) Go to with the proxy, then log in.
3.) Go to these pages via the proxy:
4.) Once the pages have loaded, close the proxy. They will be in your suite.


For the Necklace:

No proxy involved, just click here. The page will go to the contests page in the greek language. Change the language back to english and it will be in your suite.

xx. Rosie

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free Red Riding Hood Cloak

If you're from the UK:
1.) Make sure you are logged into Stardoll, then click here.
2.) Cloak should be in a "Red Riding Hood" bag in your suite.

If you're not from the UK:
1.) Go to any UK proxy, like OR OR
2.) Paste the link below into the proxy's URL box.
3.) Log into Stardoll. Once you have successfully logged in, close the proxy.
4.) Cloak should be in a "Red Riding Hood" bag in your suite.

xx. Rosie


So I guess we should log in early next week right?
If you have any idea of what this is or you have found some spoilers for this, please tell me, if it's actually NOT fake, i'll give you a superstar present.

xx. Rosie

Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Japan Shirt (NO PROXY!)

There's a free shirt available to ALL COUNTRIES right now. Make sure to wear yours proudly, and if you have any friends (either on Stardoll or in the real world) that live in Japan or have family in Japan, make sure to pray for them.

Anyway, to get the shirt, you can either enter the competition through the "contests and events" page on Stardoll, or you can click here to automatically finish the contest and receive the shirt in your suite.

xx. Rosie

Free Chata De Galocha Dress (NO PROXY)

I will no longer be using my banner if you want to know. It takes to long to load.

I think this is available for all countries.
Simply click here (make sure you are already logged into Stardoll though!). You will be taken to Once the page has loaded, close it. Dress will be in your suite.

xx. Rosie

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Future of the Blog...

So currently, I have only posted like twelve posts this month. Just too sick of it really. I mean, I do enjoy blogging, but my apple macbook freezes whenever you try to upload any pictures, and my internet connection (which is with 3 if you want to know) is utterly, S**T!! Honestly, it takes about 5 minutes to log into my account on Stardoll. Completly crap service for someone who pays $50 a month...

Anyway, to the real point, future of the blog. Well, seeing as nobody bothered to participate in the "carnival contest", it's canceled. Thanks a lot everybody for taking part! (Sarcasm, obviously).

Future of the blog? Well you'll just have to see. If you want the blog to be better, then obviously, you should follow the blog, comment on your fav posts, and just be a teensy-weensy bit active once is a while!

Goodnight, i'm going to dream about Stephen* ;D 

xx. Rosie 

*my close friends will get that joke

100 Million celebrated at 98 million, because honestly, wait a week or two more isn't possible -_-

No banner, again. Grrrr  >(

Probably the frickin longest title on this blog eh? Anyhoo, Stardoll has decided to release some outfits to "celebrate" 100 million members accounts. 

If Stardoll doesn't stop releasing that ugly-as-f**k 'just before dawn' shirt, I am going to start making rants about it (funny, a rant about a couple of ugly pixels?). Honestly, it's not even that good of a top.

xx. Rosie

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Crop Sweater & Fashion Frenzy Corset

The corset is actually really rare. It's great that you can now get it for free :)

If you're from Poland:
1.) Make sure you are logged into Stardoll.
2.) Click here.
3.) Once the page has loaded, it should be in your suite.

If you're not from Poland:
1.) Go to any Polish proxy, like OR
2.) Go to with the proxy, then log in.
3.) Once you have logged in, go to these contest links:
4.) Once the page has loaded, close the proxy. They should be in your suite.

xx. Rose_Jean

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Real Starbazaar.

No banner sorry. Won't load. Grrrr  >(

Just though I would show you some cheap things that I have found in Starbazaar, that are really expensive usually. I'll post this segment as much as possible.

What: Alexander McQueen inspired dress
How much: I have seen people pay up to 100sd for this, and I bought it for just 18sd. 

xx. Rose_Jean

P.S Happy International Womans Day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Free Shirt/Dress



Click here to buy it.
 Buy it ASAP though, as it is a glitch.

xx. Rose_Jean

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ocean Inspired Outfits

Here are the ocean inspired outfits I promised you all I would post days and days ago. Sorry for being so late! I'm posting them now :)



I honestly like the non-superstar one better.

xx. Rose_Jean

Carnival Pass

For all of you who can see the Spring Pass, you cannot buy this. For all of you who can't see the Spring Pass, you're lucky enough to be able to get this! The carnival pass is available to me, despite the fact that most Australians have received the Spring Pass. Lucky much? :)

Here are the ways you can get it...

And here's the free gifts you get.

xx. Rose_Jean

Amazing Scenery

I was trying to get my play & earn money this morning as usual, and I found a really mazing scenery. It mores too if you want to know.

Click here to visit the girl who made it. Make sure to vote for the scenery too!

xx. Rose_Jean

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Interview with... moviestarEmmaR

So this is my very first, ever, interview. I'm not that good an interviewer, but I guess i'll get better after a while :)

Username: moviestarEmmaR
Age: eleven (11)
On Stardoll since: October 2008

Whats your favourite part of Stardoll?
My favourite part of Stardoll would have to be the people. I like seeing their suites, albums, sceneries and designs.

Whats the one thing you would change about Stardoll?
The thing I would change would be the thats there weren't so many gross, rude people on Stardoll.

Describe your medoll in 3 words.
Different, unique, me.

Starplaza or Starbazaar
Limited Edition or Antidote
Superstar or Non-superstar
Shoes or Hats

Visit her by clicking here, here, here or maybe even here :)

xx. Rose_Jean