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Summary of 2010

Here is the summary of 2010. It is only from june to December because I think it is pointless to write about what happened on stardoll when I wasn't even playing.

JUNE 2010

Not much happened in June, or at least I can't remember that much.

There was a campaign called 'hot summer blowout' and it was kinda of like black friday (which was in late November) , except that it went for four weeks and if you got all the items ( you had to spend 800sd to get them all!) then you got a  free interior.

There was also Stardoll pals. They weren't really that exciting, and they were a rip off at 70sd each.


Also there was a store called Chanel tribute. It was amazing. They would be the only dresses I would ever pay 30sd for. I bought a vest from there just recently. I found it at a record price of 12sd, 13sd less then it's original price :)

For more info about JUNE 2010, try this link:-

JULY 2010

June was pretty fun. We had the big makeover, where Stardoll changed forever...

Every day, stardoll would do something about the big makeover. They had an extra tab on the main page for the makeover, which led you to this page below.

We didn't know when the makeover would begin, but one day, the 9th of July, I logged onto Stardoll and just checked up on my account. I was writing a message and clicked the send button, but then something happened (stupid stardoll, that was a very long message I wrote!) , the page changed to the picture below.

After 4 and a half hours (seeing as I logged on the computer at around three in the afternoon that day, it wasn't until around seven that it was finished), it was done...


I'd put some more photos in, but there isn't going to be enough room. Plus, just go look at Stardoll now. Nothings changed since the makeover.
More stuff happened in July, but the Makeover was pretty much the biggest thing.


No events happened during August, but there was a lot of new shops released in Starplaza...

Herve Leger Tribute-opened August 10th 2010

IdentiTEE -opened August 24th 2010 

Miss Stardoll World-opened 24th August 2010

There were other stores opened too, like stardoll and the city, sunny bunny and a whole lot more.
Miss Stardoll World began, and that was when people started talking about it and getting excited. The buzz about it died down in early September, and everybody just went back to stardoll as normal.

We also had the Ramadan Kareem calendar. I forgot to check it all the time (seriously, I never checked it at all). I only bought one present from it, and that was the red pillow that was available in the first couple of days...

For more info about AUGUST 2010, check out this link:-


I started the blog on the 15th of September :)

Mortal Kiss began in September. I wasn't planning on actually reading the book, but I found myself reading it daily. I hated the story. It was like a spin off of twilight, yet even worse.

Gamezone came out in starplaza. It was pretty decent, but not much happened with it.

Stardoll ripped us all of with this message they sent us. You were meant to simply just do a survey, and they would give you a free Alexander McQueen dress. But they never gave anybody the dress, so it was a scam.

 For more info about SEPTEMBER 2010, check out this link:-


On the first of October, non-superstars got the chance to be superstar for a day. It was so boring, it probably convinced people to not buy a superstar membership. All you could do was buy superstar items in starplaza. I bought some black lengthening mascara and black brow definer... fun.

Another scam. Is stardoll even trying to hide them now? This was on the tenth of October, in "celebration" of the date being the tenth of the tenth of the tenth (what a mouthful?). They gave you 10sd no matter what. You had no choice, and they took it from your play and earn. How ridiculous?

We reached 80 million members on the 30th of October. At the time of writing this (i'm writing this on the 23rd of December), we have 86 922 574 members. We should reach the 90 million mark by 

 For more info about SEPTEMBER 2010, check out this link:-


The black friday campaign was held on the last week of November. It was just like the summer blowout campaign back in June, except for to get the major prize you had to spend a whopping 500sd. Right after LE had just sold out ^_^

The holiday pass came out around the last week of November. It was probably the best superstar upgrade deal this year. The clothes you got with it for free were beautiful, especially the pink and white scarf and the black dress. Bad thing about the black dress is that you can't really wear it with anything else, as it is just one of those dresses that makes a statement on it's own.

(sorry, only photo I could find!)

LE was released on the 17th of November. The theme was red, black and white. I didn't mind the collection, but it wasn't my favourite. The last items sold out on the 25th of November.

National covergirl was added. More chance of you winning national covergirl then there is of you winning the normal covergirl now. Broadcasts saying covergirl etc etc went up by 12%, which is actually around 1000 broadcasts more then it used to be.

For some more info about NOVEMBER 2010, check this link:-


The December endangered species animal was the prizzly bear.

The winner of Miss Stardoll World 2010 was Percile2 from Turkey. The contest had been faked, as she actually got the winners prizes when the finalists were released.

Next there's probably going to be a reward for the best hacker... wouldn't it be so random if stardoll actually did that? ^_^It's a superstar only award. Thats funny isn't it stardoll? How superstars are the only ones allowded to make parties?

I hope you enjoyed my summary of 2010, and for a better written summary, check out

xx. Rose_Jean


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    I'm so excited for what 2011 will bring!

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