Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to get cheap Antidote :)

Today I decided to splurge and buy myself some decent stardoll clothes. Despite the fact that I wanted to buy some LE, it wasn't that good for the price that it's sold in starbazaar for, so instead, I bought myself some Antidote :)

The outfit below, the top and the shoes are Antidote.

Antidote skull and bones crop tee, original price was 50sd, I bought it for 46sd
Antidote heart sneakers, original price was 20sd (I think), I bought it for 33sd

Antidote kawaii shirt dress, original price was 35sd, I bought it for 37sd
Antidote patent sneakers, original price was 20sd, I bought it for 24sd

Here's what the shop looked like for this edition.

(sorry the second picture cut of a little)

You've got to say, I did a pretty good job right? Buying any Antidote or LE for less then the original price is very rare. 

Have you ever bought Antidote or LE for cheaper then it was in starplaza?
Make sure to comment! :)

More posts are coming soon.

xx. Rose_Jean


  1. Antidote skull and bones crop tee... I bought it for 31sd
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  2. i got antidote pill pop top from 1st collection (i think) for 2sd today from starbazaar.