Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow I actually found something...

Hey everybody. Well as usual, I have decided to so my disapearing act again. I was only gone for a day though so I hope you all don't mind. Anyway, while at school today, I sat through another boring tech lesson. We have to research a job we would be interested in doing in the future (most people chose a job at mcdonalds, which I find slightly depressing...). I chose fashion designer (as in the subject, "journalist" is not a job -_-). Anyway, I had to look up a brand, and as most of my friends on stardoll would predict, I chose DKNY. I was looking through tons of pictures (thank you google images), and then found something I knew I had seen before...




Cool huh? If you want to know, the shirt/dress is actually DKNY in real life.

You got this for free if you got the valentines upgrade if any of you want to know.
I'm writing more posts as you are reading this. They should be done soon...

xx. Rose_Jean

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