Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Interview with... moviestarEmmaR

So this is my very first, ever, interview. I'm not that good an interviewer, but I guess i'll get better after a while :)

Username: moviestarEmmaR
Age: eleven (11)
On Stardoll since: October 2008

Whats your favourite part of Stardoll?
My favourite part of Stardoll would have to be the people. I like seeing their suites, albums, sceneries and designs.

Whats the one thing you would change about Stardoll?
The thing I would change would be the thats there weren't so many gross, rude people on Stardoll.

Describe your medoll in 3 words.
Different, unique, me.

Starplaza or Starbazaar
Limited Edition or Antidote
Superstar or Non-superstar
Shoes or Hats

Visit her by clicking here, here, here or maybe even here :)

xx. Rose_Jean

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  1. this is awesome :) thanks for the interview it was fun :) it says from anonymous but its from me cause i can't do it on mine. :( wont work :( but its me moviestarEmmaR :) hehe