Friday, April 8, 2011

Sorry for not Posting.

Just wanted to explain why I have not been posting lately. Well, as it's the last week of holidays, teachers at my school like to bombard us with tons of homework and tests. I had a pretty packed week. Here's what happened...

Monday: Got up. Sick. Caught the bus to school. Double Maths class. English teacher gave us about 5 different assignments to do over the holidays. She also told us that the speech we were meant to present on Friday was now due on Wednesday. Caught bus home. Posted a bit on blog. Wrote a bit more of english presentation. Went to sleep.

Tuesday: Got up. Even sicker then yesterday. Caught the bus to school. Science teacher set us another project. Discovered that I forgot to pack my lunch. Went hungry for the rest of the day. Caught bus home. Slept.

Wednesday: Got up late. Forgot to have breakfast. Ran after the bus. Got to school late. Did english presentation and only got 15 marks out of a possible 20. Caught bus home. Slept.

Thursday: Got up. Caught the bus to school. Double Maths again. Lost my wallet. Had to do a 2km walk with my best friend because we didn't want to try out for the touch football team. Found wallet. Dropped plant I had to grow for science project. Found my wallet. Caught bus home. Slept.

Friday: Woke up. Still sick. Nearly missed bus again. Handed in history project. Luckily we had an extended lunch. Caught bus home. Cleaned out school bag. Worried about whether I would be able to complete all the homework we had been given...

So, do you blame me for not posting much?

xx. Rosie

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