Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pick of the Week.

Just remembered, I havn't done the pick of the week for like the last month. It's going to be posted every Monday from now on. Anyway, here is this weeks pick of the week...

It's the White Feather Pirouette Dress, which is 15sd and is from Pretty in Pink. Here's an example of an outfit that can be made from it.

Superstar Items:
-White Feather Pirouette Dress, 15sd, from Pretty in Pink
-Dark Brown Hair Colour, 6sd from Doree
-Knee Stockings, 5sd from Bisou

Non-Superstar Items:
-Beige Fur Stole, 7sd from Perfect Day
-White Satin Belt, 8sd from Perfect Day
-Cream Stillettos, 9sd from Perfect Day


Do you like it? Remember, if you have something you think should be the pick of the week, comment below. If I chose your suggestion, you'll get a superstar gift!

xx. Rosie

1 comment:

  1. I like the 'Pink Satin tote' from Pretty in Pink. It's non-ss and costs 5 SD.... :D