Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Doll: Karen Gillan

There was a new doll released today. As usual, Superstars get to use it first.

Karen Gillan is an actress who is most known for her role in Dr.Who, as the doctors assistant Amy Pond.

Here are some facts:

Full Name: Karen Shaila Gillan
Age: 22 years old

(sorry, at this time, there is no picture of the doll available. We will try and find a picture as soon as possible.)

Do you think this is cool?

Do you like Dr.Who?

xoxo Rose_Jean

P.S I only know a lot about Dr.Who because my best friend is obsessed with Dr.Who and she also wanted me to shout out that the two hottest doctors are David Tennant and Matt Smith.

I can't believe I just wrote that. How embarrasing :D
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