Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stardoll celebrates 20 Million!!!

Does that title sound a little weird to you?

20 million members was achieved on the 14th August 2008.

 Well thats because we all know that Stardoll is up to around 75 million members, but when Stardoll celebrated 20 million members, everyone got 20 stardollars (Yes its amazing stardoll could ever be that generous!) and a lottery was given out. 1 in 20 members won a free dress.
(click to enlarge)

Nowdays, if you owned one of those dresses, you could sell it for around 1000 sd's and that would be considered a bargain.

So as a note to anyone selling these. DON'T! In about a year you could sell them for double the price. And if you waited a bit longer, even triple!

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