Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stardoll Scam-Free Alexander McQueen Dress

Remember this?

I'm not sure of the exact date it ran from, but I knew it was around the 14th August because it was happening when I went on holidays on the 14th August.

NOBODY has the dress unless they bought it (which I don't think you can buy it...).

Stardoll has not given the dress to ANYONE.

Stardoll has 3 excuses for not giving out the dress... (They're really obvious but nobody has done any of these so they still aren't good enough...)

-You didn't take the survey

(well thats obvious...)

-You didn't answer all the questions

(IMPOSSIBLE! Because you couldn't go on to the next question without doing the question! It told you! So thats not true OR possible!)

-You didn't put in your Stardoll name...

(Well come on, does Stardoll think we're stupid?)

I think this is very unfair, so I'M GOING ON A STRIKE FROM MONDAY UNTIL TUESDAY (I don't want my blog to slow down so thats why the strike won't be going for very long...)

Why not join in? It's only 48 hours without Stardoll, and you get to feel awesome for taking a stand against something bad...

xoxo Rose_Jean

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