Friday, September 17, 2010

The Great Stardoll Debate

I, as you all know, do NOT work at Stardoll. So how do I know info/freebies/updates? I look through a LOT of blogs...

And one thing I notice while looking through blogs, is that there is at least one post about fairness with Superstars/Non-Superstars on Stardoll.

Is it really fair that we have to pay, to be able to experience everything? Is it unfair?

Everyone has a different view/opinion on the subject, but we know something.

Stardoll is a company. Stardoll has employees. Those employees have to have money to live. Stardoll wouldn't be able to pay those employees if they had no money. So Stardoll has to charge people.

Now nobody would play Stardoll if they had to pay for it, but why not make it so much better for people who do pay?

If you want to comment your view on this subject, feel free to comment below. But one thing for sure is that i'm not going to be a Superstar. Ever.

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