Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Season DKNY

I was just looking through some of the history of Stardoll, and stumbled upon these pictures of the first season of DKNY...

These pieces of clothing are some of the most-wanted on Stardoll. But zoom in on the pictures. The prices are only 20sd... and thats for the dresses.

Now I have something else I would like you to look at.

These are the first seasons of Candies and Abbey Dawn ever. They do look quite better then the ones today, but thats not what i'm talking about. Look at the prices. The shirts sell for 5sd (at max) and the skirts sell for only 3sd. 

Nowdays you'd be lucky to find a Candies or Abbey Dawn skirt for less then 10sd.

It's a bit funny how the prices of clothes on Stardoll have increased with the popularity of Stardoll, but isn't it a bit worrying that you may someday see some Candies, Abbey Dawn or DKNY for over 100sd?

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