Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two free Simple dresses (or maybe three and some bottles...

For people who live in the UK, click here.

If you don't live in the UK, follow these steps.

Go to any UK proxy (for the one I used, click here).

Log into Stardoll as normal, then put the following into the proxy URL box.

Click go OR just hit enter.

Wait until the page loads...



Now there is another simple dress you can get. But stay on that page!

Log into Stardoll as normal. Go to my account.

Then go to settings

In settings will be your UsedID. Write it on a piece of paper or something.

The write the following link into your URL bar (no proxy) ID HERE)

Wait until the page loads. scroll down down until you see some boxes, fill in your info (make it fake, and just put a spare email in the email box).

It will redirect you to the Simple teen page. Close it, go back to Stardoll as normal and you will have two bags from Simple (or one where both dresses are inside).

NOTE: If you havn't done anything with simple before, you will also recieve the pink princess dress and some simple bottle.

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