Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Newbies Guide to Stardoll (Part 2)

Superstar Hacks/scams

...Log out, log in and you will have 10000 Stardollars, 20000 Starpoints and a superstar forever...

Sound familiar?

Practically everyone on Stardoll has seen this or something like this. I, am lucky, as I have only had one in my album. The girl who wrote it was actually new and had no idea this was against the rules, so I didn't report her.

If you're one of the lucky people to get one of these in your guestbook/message/album/scenery comment, before you click report, check out the person's suite. If they're new, and have no idea about Stardoll, then you may want to ask them why they did this. 

But sometimes hackers make extra accounts and use them for this, so if their reply isn't efficient, or you think somethings not right, click the report button and in your message, make sure you are CLEAR of what has happened.

The Top 5 Ways of how to Stop Hackers/Scammers:

1.Make sure you add people who you think look safe.

2. Don't do anything like "give me your password" no matter how good there offer is.

3. Make sure your password is something hard and not easy to guess. Using your name,age,town of residence, perts name is not a good of safe password...

4. When trading with someone (Superstars only), only trade with someone you have known on Stardoll and get along with.

5. Stay safe. If it looks dangerous then don't do it!

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