Monday, October 11, 2010

Ok so 3rd time lucky...

Well not REALLY lucky, cause Stardoll still ripped us off...

Here are SOME of the problems, or reasons why people had trouble using their 10sd.

-They had used proxies around that time, messing with their time zones (uh still would only take a minute to repair).

-The 10sd couldn't be used with money you had saved up, and you may have lost some, or all of your saved up money.

-You could not buy something that was 10sd (which is true, as I couldn't buy anything for 10sd, and ended up just getting a pair of shoes I wanted, and a starpoint reward).

If you had any of these problems, comment below. I might be able to help you.

One thing though, I do not agree with this picture below :/

xoxo Rose_Jean

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