Thursday, October 7, 2010


There are two surveys from Stardoll. If you are like me, and did not receive them through Starmail (aka, your messages), then click the links below.

(picture thanks to

To take the music survey, click this link 

To take the news survey, click this link 

Also, on the music survey, there is a very weird question...

(click to enlarge)


Most people choose "I don't care", but for some fun, I decided to choose "Yes-It was fetching-I would fancy my Stardoll getting around in a piece of steak"

I actually thought it said "on a piece of steak" when I selected it.

I don't know why everyone's fussing about Lady Gaga's dress. Hello? It was meat. You eat that every day (well not normal people like me, i've only ever ate chicken and tuna, no other animal then that).

And for some fun, i've decided to add this picture of Lady Gaga ^_^

xoxo Rose_Jean

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