Monday, October 4, 2010

Some old-skool Freebies & hidden items

Here are some old freebies that still work. And BTW, if anymore blogs think they can copy me, then they can go and get stuffed ^_^. I'll let them use my stuff if they ASK.

Free Amy Diamond Swing Chair and Poster

This one's an oldie in Stardoll, and nearly everybody has it, but hey, i'm bored, and glee's not on until half past, so why not?

Just click on the link underneath the picture to go straight to the club. Click join, and they'll be in your suite.

Free Tokio Hotel Head

It's wierd...

Click the link under the photo to be taken to the club homepage. Just join the club and you will get it.

Free Face Washer

Nothing amazing, and it only clears the makeup of your face, but if you want it, just click on the link below the picture and it'll be in a bag in your medoll editor.

(image courtesy of

Hidden Halloween Dog and Spider

There is a hidden dog and spider that you can still buy from last halloween.


To get them in your changing room, click the link underneath the picture.

(image courtesy of

Hidden Stardoll Store

You can find these all in search, but if you want to see the actual store, click on the link below the picture.

They are not for free. They are 1sd each.

Mary Kate and Ashley Posters

Not Free. They're actually quite expensive. Click the link below the picture to get them in your dressing room.

The top ones are 6sd each, and the bottom ones are 8sd each.

More freebies and hidden items are coming tomorrow...

xoxo Rose_Jean

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