Friday, November 19, 2010

Daily Fashion Segment with Miss.60

Hello everybody.. I am Miss.60, the newest (and first writer other then Rose_Jean. If you want to know, we are actually friends in real life...) writer for the blog! I am a girl, but my age and country is a secret :D.I will be doing a daily fashion segment for the blog. It will be on the hottest outfit for that day. I hope you enjoy my posts, as much as I enjoy writing/designing them.

So lets begin...

Styles for today...

Outfit Number #1

(thank you Rose_Jean for letting me use your account. I knew this look would be better on your medoll, rather then mine).

Puffy skirts and bows

Love this outfit a lot. I actually made this a few days ago, but I still think it is a very stylish outfit. It's more older looking, without looking like your granny, and the tiger necklace makes it a bit wild :D

What I used:

Non-Superstar items:

-Black High Heels, 5sd, Pretty in Pink
-Pink Bow, 3sd, Pretty in Pink
-Drop Earrings, 5sd, Glam'rus
-Leopard Head Necklace, 5sd, Glam'rus

Superstar items:

-White Ruffle Tube Top, 8sd, Pretty in Pink
-Black Balloon Skirt, 8sd, Pretty in Pink

Outfit Number #2

All Blacks
This is a lovely outfit. I like it a lot. I think it suits the "Leather & Fur" theme, even though none of the clothes are made with that. 

What I used:

 Non-Superstar items:

-Lace Up Heels, 4sd, 
-Ornate Belt, 3sd,
-Basic Black bra, 1sd, STARDOLL
-Stardoll Necklace, 1sd, STARDOLL

Superstar items:

-Dress inspired by Miu Miu, 13sd, Bisou
-Layered Peplum Velvet Skirt, 8sd, 

I hope you enjoyed the first ever Daily Fashion Segment, with me, Miss.60.

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xx. Miss.60

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