Monday, November 29, 2010

What I want for Christmas (part 1)

Hey everybody!


If you are wondering, the writing is really small so I could fit more into this post.

Nothing is happening on Stardoll today (well it is a Sunday in Switzerland (the place where Stardoll is made. It is NOT England people, thats just one of their offices!) so I guess that is kind of expected...), so I decided to put together a list of things I want for christmas... on Stardoll ^_^

That really, really, really, really rare Paulina Poriskova dress


What can I say? I love it. I have NEVER seen this on Stardoll. I wonder what it looks like...

These Wings


What? They're wings people!

First Season LE


I don't actually want it, but it's worth a lot right?

I guess thats it for part one. Miss.60 will be posting tomorrow because her next outfit includes Mortal Kiss outfits and tomorrow is the last day to buy them, and i'm writing up the 2010 summary, which will be posted on the 31st of December, but it actually needs to be researched, I can't just write it off my head. Also I have english homework *groan*, where I have to write TEN poems. I hate poetry.

xoxo Rose_Jean

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