Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm still bored :/

I don't think anything good has happened on Stardoll since Saturday. No feebies, updates, ...nothing :/

Anyway, this is juat a boring post to update you all (do NOT confuse it with the post below, it's NOT updates about Stardoll, well it sorta is, but... oh I got a headache, shut upa ya face :D).

Stardoll accepted my picture for Rose_Jean (the club for followers of the blog) this morning. I couldn't think of anything, so I just put some pretty purple flowers. Do you like?

I've been looking around some new Stardoll blogs for the past hour. I'm loving ow more and more non-superstars are making Stardoll blogs (which by the way, are awesome!).

Ok so you are probarly bored now right? Well because you are so sweet to read this, and my blog, i'm going to tell you how to get the Million Dollar Mates bags :)


Read the steps carefully, and follow them EXACTLY.

1) Log in to Stardoll, go to suite, then go to my account. Wait until the page loads, then go to Account Settings.
2) Once that page loads, write down your user ID (which is shown on that page) on a piece of paper or something.
3) Copy and paste the link below into your URL box (no proxies, this works for every country). In the web address, after the "=" put your user id here.

4) Wait until the page loads, then scroll down until you find this:

Fill out the info (put fake info if you don't want to put real info).
5) When you go back to your Stardoll suite as normal, there will be a Million Dollar Mates bag to the right of your closet. Open and enjoy!

xoxo Rose_Jean

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