Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot Buys dress is out!

I'm very happy. Not about the Hot Buys dress being released, I don't care about that. It's just i've worked out how to print screen (finally!) so now I can make this blog even better!

Anyway, here's the post.

I used:

Non-superstar items:

-Sequined Pumps, 4sd, VOILE
-Pastel Belt, 1sd, VOILE
-Shania Hat, 4sd, VOILE
-Multi Chain Necklace, 4sd, VOILE

Superstar items:

-Hot Buys Leather Dress, 16sd,  RIO
-Ice Cold Hair Colour, 6sd, DOREE
-Wolf Lens (x2), 6sd, SUNNY BUNNY

Ok so this is meant to be about the Hot Buys dress isn't it? Well here's a real life version.

(a big thank you to for the picture!)

Do you like it?
Will you buy it?
And do you like the outfit I made?

Comment below ^_^

xoxo Rose_Jean

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