Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hot Non SS Bags

Hey everybody. I have selected a few non-ss bags to post about. They are all cheap, and you can use your play & earn to buy them.

From left to right:

-Green Bag, 5sd, FOLK
-Candi's Casbah bag, 6sd, MORTAL KISS
-Ring Deco Purse, 6sd, FRONT ROW
-Cities Totebag, 5sd, FUDGE
-Pleather Handbag, 5sd, OTTO
-Red Quilted Purse, 5sd, STARDOLL
-Poppy's Tote, 6sd, MORTAL KISS
-Coral Handbag, 4sd, FOLK
-Checked Shopping Bag, 5sd, FRONT ROW

I was thinking of making my very own hot buys items for each month. Do you think thats a good idea?

xoxo Rose_Jean

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