Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mortal Kiss is Over

Yeah I know I am late, but I don't care.

So Mortal Kiss ended on the 31st of October. What do I think? I think somebody should contact whoever made Twilight and tell them. 

Mortal Kiss was boring. The story wasn't for half of Stardoll, the best thing about Mortal Kiss would have to be the clothes.

xoxo Rose_Jean

P.S No more snow for, um, what town is this again?


  1. i liked it a lot better than twilight. i found twilight to be annoying. it didnt have much mystery to it. it was too easy to predict. i hope there is going to be a sequel to mortal kiss though

  2. Yeah Mortal Kiss was good, but I just wanted it to be a little less like twilight. You know what I mean?