Sunday, October 3, 2010

Free Marc Jacobs Dress and Bisou shoes (SS only)

Yeah now this is just too much... 

Now Stardoll is giving Superstars a free Marc Jacob dress and a pair of yellow Bisou shoes (you can buy the exact same shoes for 5sd and they're non-superstar but they're green...)

The dress you may remember from a while ago when this store was available...

I've got some pictures of the real life version to (sorry it includes another dress...)

If you want the dress and shoes, follow these instructions.

If you are from germany, just go straight to the contest links.

If you are not from Germany you'll need a web proxy, try one of these

Put this into the proxy URL box

Log in, wait until the page loads, then change it to this

Close the proxy and go to Stardoll as normal.

You will have two gift boxes in your suite.

Open them and enjoy!

xoxo Rose_Jean

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