Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Calendar Spoilers

Sorry people if I am spoiling the surprise for you. If you do not want to know what the items will be, then do not read this post. K?

22 December: winter castle - free! SS fabric flower chair [white armchair] - 2sd
23 December: blouse [purple] - 2sd SS smiley face headphones - free!
24 December: off shoulder dress [red] - 1sd.. ss sequin panel sandals [black] - 2sd
25 December: sequined crop pants - free!.. ss embellished skull clutch - free!
26 December: dreamcatcher - 2sd SS red signature bag - 1sd
27 December: sweetheart dress [flower print] - 2sd
28 December: sign languages pillows - 3sd SS ruffled day bed [white] - 1sd
29 December: lace up architectural heels - 2sd
30 December: sparkle coat - 2sd SS vintage glitter frock [beige & pink] - 1sd
31 December: feather hem dress - 2sd
For photos, click here.
thanks to tsistardoll.blogspot.com for the info.
xx. Rose_Jean
P.S The free skull clutch (25th December, SS only) is Alexander McQueen!!!!! OMFG!!!

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