Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lady Gaga makeup competition

NOTE: This picture seems to not be working sometimes, so if you cannot see it on your computer, click here.

Our first ever makeup competition ever :)

All you need to do, is recreate the lady gaga look above onto your medoll (both non-superstars and superstars can do this), tinypic it (or just give me a link to your picture) and it will be featured on the blog :)

Comment below with your link. The winner will get one of these prizes:
SUPERSTAR: An old hot buy from back in 2007 for the cheap price of only 5sd (it's worth at least 30sd now days), a link to their stardoll page on the side of the blog, and they will be invited to join Purple-fairies, the very very very exclusive club.
NON-SUPERSTAR: A link to your page on the side of the blog and membership in the very exclusive club Purple-fairies.

Please please please participate. It will be so awesome if you could. And every entry will be seen in the winners post.

COMPETITION ENDS: 13th January 2011

xx. Rose_Jean

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