Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5 of the christmas Calendar (and past gifts!) & Hrly's awesome graphics

Sorry I have not been posting that much. It's just normally, my internet bill is only $49 (I'm on a plan, where you only pay that much and you get 6gb per month), and in November, somehow, it went up to 8gb, now the bill is $200 more, so I have to work more now... (don't think i'm an adult, in Australia you are allowded to work once you turn 13), thats why I can not post much :/ 

Anyway, starting the post...

Here is the gifts from the christmas calendar:

So far, we have:
Day One: Love sign-1sd, handbag-0sd
Day Two: Pretty in Pink dress-3sd
Day Three: Pink table-3sd, Darth Vader Mask-0sd
Day Four: Russian Doll pillows-3sd
Day Five (not shown): Fallen Angel Jacket-2sd (UGLY!!!!)

Sadly, I wasted 2sd on the ugly Fallen Angel jacket :/

Oh well. Maybe when/if I become a superstar, I can sell it to some random goth/emo/metalhead...

Also, I would just like to make a special mention to
Hrly is one of my friends on Stardoll, and is probably the best graphic designer ever (lol XD no I am not sucking up!).

Here are some of her graphics...


Lol sorry, but with talent like that, I think more people should know about her amazing work. Click on our media partner logo on the side of the blog (aka, <------- there somewhere) to go straight to her blog, or click the link below.

xoxo Rose_Jean

P.S Only 20 days to go until christmas ^_^

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