Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whats happening in 2011

Hey people, thought i'd write a little post about whats going to happen with me & stardoll next year.

First of all, yes, I am still going to be writing for the blog all the time. Don't worry, it won't be closing. I hope to get through most of the next year of stardoll. For 2012? I'm not sure. Either the world will end (sarcasm) or i'll be too bust with schoolwork to go on stardoll as often. 2013, will not be on stardoll hardly, because thats the year where I take all my tests at school. Very important. Wait, I thought this was meant to be a post about whats happening next year on Stardoll & the blog? Damn, I get distracted easily... Ooh! A blue car!

I hope to continue being superstar. My superstar membership runs out on the 13th February (the day before valentines day). Maybe I might have a code competition? That depends on how many followers we have. I need at least 80 followers to do a code competition. I think thats pretty fair.

Miss.60 will be back with her daily fashion segments. The reason she has not been able to continue with them is because my computer will not upload any photos, what-so-ever. It's very annoying.

More of this post will be continued soon, but until then,

xx. Rose_Jean

P.S Just reached 100sd of items sold in my starbazaar!

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