Monday, December 20, 2010

Intervies & Covergirl

Hi everybody :)

 I am also trying to organise who will be covergirl next month for the blog. Also I am trying to arrange some interviews. 


If you want, anyone can try out for an interview. You just need to meet all the requirements...
-been on Stardoll for over 6 months
-be a member of at least one club dedicated to the blog (either My-Star-friends, Rose_Jean, or Purple-fairies)

Write your story, and make sure to include a picture of your medoll, and send it to You can use a fake email if you don't trust me. 


Not a friend of mine on Stardoll: You just need to add me on Stardoll, and in your message, just write the word covergirl. Once I accept your request, send me a message with the first line being the word covergirl, and then write why you would like to be covergirl.
Friend of mine on Stardoll: Send me a message, with the line being the word covergirl. Then write why you would like to be covergirl.

NOTE: You have until the 30th of December. Covergirl will be chosen on the 31st, and the photo of him/her will be put on the blog the next day.

xx. Rose_Jean

P.S I hope everbody likes the new music player I added to the side of the blog :)

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