Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to get scroll boxes for your presentation

Ok so lots of people want to know how to get scroll boxes onto their presentation, here's how: 1.) Highlight this scroll box (all of it!) 2.) Half this page, then half the stardoll page. 3.)Click and drag this scroll box onto your presentation (my trick is to drag the letters, much easier & quicker) 4.)You have your scroll box! Start writing what you want at the end of this, then delete the writing already written and it's done.

I hope you enjoy your scroll box. A big thank you to the club xxpresentations for the help.

xx. Rose_Jean


  1. It doesnt come up with the box only the writing

  2. @anonymous:

    Half both your stardoll page and this page, click and highlight the box, then click on the WRITING and drag.

  3. when i save it and go to a different page on stardoll then come back it disapears???

  4. I tried alot but whatever i do it doesnt work i even tried with my own scroll box!