Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stardoll Royalty, not so royal?

As most of you will know, Stardoll royalty has been becoming a lot less royal in the past couple of weeks. More and more members are being allowed into Stardoll Royalty (on average, there are 640 members invited each day). All you need to do now is buy a superstar upgrade (for whatever period of time) and then buy some more stardollars and/or buy more superstar membership...

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It may seem good to the people joining royalty now. They're excited. They can't wait until they get to see whats happening in Stardoll royalty. Then they might click on any random discussion, and be let down...

(thanks to for the picture above!)

Thankfully, the girl said sorry.

So do you really want to join royalty now?

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xx. Rose_Jean

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