Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Presents :)

I decided to make a couple of little posts about old freebies that still work. Think of them as my christmas present to you :)

Free Clothes Pack

1)Log into Stardoll, then copy and paste the link of these into your URL/browser.
For the animal outfit, click here.
For the dance outfit, click here.
For the sport outfit, click here.
2)Go back to your suite and they will be in some bags near your wardrobe.

Free Dress

4 dresses, get 1 free

1)Log into stardoll
2)Choose one of the dresses, then copy and paste the link of the dress into your URL box.

Free Burlesque Dress & Hat

1)Click here to get it in your dressing room
2)Buy it for 0sd

Free Beatbox

1)Go to the link below to get it in your dressing room.
2)Buy it for 0sd

Free Megamind Cape

1)Write down your user id on a piece of paper (you can find your user id by going to my account>settings)
2)Go to this page USER ID HERE!!!
3)Fill out the info (it can be fake if you want. You do NOT need to write your phone number
4)Once you're finished writing your info, you will be taken to a page. Click the 'click here to get the megamind cape in your suite' button
5)You will be led back to your suite. Cape will be in a gift box.

Free One Day Shirt & Camera

1)Go to a site by clicking here
2)Wait until the page loads then go back to stardoll

xx. Rose_Jean

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