Tuesday, December 7, 2010

*sigh* the mafia is back...

UPDATE: If you do visit their blog, make sure you clear your cookies after. They hack you while you visit their blog, as they can get some of your info.

Oh great, I go off Stardoll for a couple of days, and when I get back, everyone's frickin talking about the "italian mafia". 

But hey, it gives me something interesting to post about ^_^

Here is their hacking list:

(click to enlarge)

I am so very sorry to the people who have been hacked already.

A Review of their blog (and me talking :D)

Their blog is boring. I visited it their blog. People keep warning me not to, because if you visit it, they might "hack" you. Well my message to the "italian mafia" is that,
- I'm not a nerd, but I am smart. I have helped my friends who have been hacked, and have gotten back into their accounts. I may not be a genius, but i'm good with computers.
- My account? I love my account, but sometimes I realise that my account is pretty sh!t (excuse my language). It's not even superstar, and I only just reached 1001 starpoints, and I have no stardollars, so it's pretty much a waste of time.

Learn more about the "italian mafia":


If you search in the search-er thing on Stardoll, there is over 4 pages of "italian mafia" users.

(click to enlarge)

How to prevent them from hacking you:

-Don't tell anyone your password.
-Don't add any non-superstars (you can still add me! I won't hack you, i'd never stoop that low), or anybody with less then 500 starpoints
-Do NOT write your password at all! And I do not mean don't tell anyone your password, I mean do not type it at all (unless logging in)

What to do if they hack you:

-Contact Stardoll immediatly.
-Go to your email, and see if they have changed it. If they havn't, quickly change your email. This can sometime take up to 3 days, so a quicker way would be to change your password (using you email) and then change your email.
-Comment below, i'll help you as much as I can.

*sigh* well it's a good week of Stardoll hey?

xoxo Rose_Jean

P.S When/if you comment on blogs about the "italian mafia", use your name as anonymous, otherwise they can/will trace you.

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